What's the difference between the BlueWave 1 and 2

Our new Smart Guitar series BlueWave 1 and BlueWave 2 share the same technological preamp that features delay and reverb effects and a Bluetooth player, like they share the same top wood, solid Red Cedar. But they show differences on:

-          The woods chosen for the back and sides (BlueWave 1 models have a Khaya body while BlueWave 2 bodies are made of Santos Rosewood)

-          Type of finish (BlueWave 1 have open pore satin finish while BlueWave 2 show a gloss finish)

-          Available shapes: BlueWave 1 only gathers Travel shapes though BlueWave 2 comes in various shapes, such as Dreadnought, Auditorium (and its lefty version), Travel and Classical.