Choosing your Lâg Guitar

Which guitar models do you recommend for children?

The choice of the guitar will depend on the height of the child. We recommend choosing a 3/4 size guitar or a Travel guitar. These two formats are specially designed to be more compact and will be easier to handle for young aspiring guitarists. For the younger, shorter, kids, you may choose between our two 6 strings ukuleles which are even smaller than these guitars. You can find all these Lâg models here:

What's the difference between the BlueWave 1 and 2

Our new Smart Guitar series BlueWave 1 and BlueWave 2 share the same technological preamp that features delay and reverb effects and a Bluetooth player, like they share the same top wood, solid Red Cedar. But they show differences on:

-          The woods chosen for the back and sides (BlueWave 1 models have a Khaya body while BlueWave 2 bodies are made of Santos Rosewood)

-          Type of finish (BlueWave 1 have open pore satin finish while BlueWave 2 show a gloss finish)

-          Available shapes: BlueWave 1 only gathers Travel shapes though BlueWave 2 comes in various shapes, such as Dreadnought, Auditorium (and its lefty version), Travel and Classical.