The Lâg Sauvage series offers a range of eco-friendly guitars with various shapes and styles, including dreadnought, auditorium, parlour, travel, jumbo, and bass. Made with certified BrankoWood, these guitars combine artistry and technology while being environmentally responsible. With rough sawn back and sides and a rounded back for enhanced sound, the series presents a rugged beauty.

Acoustic-electrics models feature the StageLâg preamp system, suitable for stage and studio. Left-handed auditorium and unique designs like the jumbo 12-string cater to diverse musical styles. Each guitar comes with a quality gig bag, showcasing Lâg's commitment to excellence. Iconic design elements, including the Lâg French Headstock, add style and reliability.

The Sauvage series is a symbol of modern musical excellence, embracing craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability while providing a unique musical experience.

Stage Lâg

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