Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Southern France, the birthplace of Lâg Guitars, the Tramontane guitars embody the philosophy of the company.

A distinctive French approach to aesthetic beauty without compromising tonal performance which has propelled the Tramontane Series guitars to be the most popular Lâg Guitars ever made.

From the practice room to the studio to the stage, Lâg Tramontane guitars can be found in the hands, homes, and hearts of some of the worlds most renowned guitarists. From the student falling in love with the guitar for the first time to the seasoned professional who demands only the best quality and tone, the Tramontane series has a something for everyone.

With premium features such as graphite nut & saddle as standard, premium tone wood selections across the series and the consistent high-quality manufacturing for which the Lâg Factory has become synonymous, the Tramontane Series has established itself in the Lâg story and in the imagination of thousands of guitarists around the world.

Tramontane IDENTITY

Headstock design

The Tramontane headstock design takes its inspiration from an 18th century fireplace in a French chateau. That same idea gave birth to an original concept on our classical guitars, keeping its harmonious curves.

Quarter round bindings

Another feature of the Tramontane Series is the quarter round body bindings inspired by early vintage guitars before straight edge plastic binding became ubiquitous in the guitar world. The quarter round body binding on the Tramontane guitars is undoubtably pleasing to look at but perhaps most importantly, it makes the guitars extremely comfortable to play as it softens an otherwise hard edge.

Headstock, fingerboard, bridge

In perfect harmony, on each guitar, these three wooden elements are made of the same material, either Brown or Black Brankowood, with a gorgeous natural oiled finish.


Mirroring the shape of the headstock on our steel strings guitars, the headstock gives anelegant symmetry to the whole design.

Ovale rosette

When Lâg Guitars started making instruments with an oval rosette it was an industry first. The oval inspiration came from similar forms which are commonly used by upmarket jewelry design houses. Each Lâg rosette tells the story of the guitar it adorns.

Black tuners

In another break from the traditions of acoustic guitar making, Lâg Guitars commonly feature black machine heads which were only found on hard rock electric guitars at the time when they were introduced. The black tuners may not be traditional on an acoustic guitar, but they evoke the ebony tuning pegs of baroque guitars and classical instruments.

The Occitan cross

Symbol of Occitanie, a region in the south of France, the Languedoc cross is the emblem of the Tramontane guitars, our iconic acoustic range. It has decorated the delicate rosettes of each of the Tramontane series with dignity since their creation.

The cross represents the timelessness and the undeniable rooting of the Tramontane at Lâg through its 12 ends, representing the 12 months of the year and the 4 seasons through its 4 branches.

By emphasizing the origins of the Lâg brand, it also embodies the identity of a warm region with plural landscapes and remarkable heritage, offering the Tramontane guitars character and authenticity.


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