Tramontane 98

Khaya, also known as African mahogany, is used as the solid top and the back and sides of this guitar. Khaya was chosen for its singular sound characteristics; smooth, felted bass, a very present mid-range, and delicate treble. Consequently, the three versions of the T98 (dreadnought, auditorium and parlor formats) deliver a warm, deep sound that blues lovers and roots music will enjoy, whatever their playing style: picking, rhythm or solo.

General Specs

- Top: Solid Tropical Khaya 

- Back & Sides: Honey Khaya, glossy finish

- Finish: French Satin

- Bridge & Fingerboard: Brownwood

- Neck: Tropical Khaya

- Frets: 20 / Silver Nickel-Acoustic 

- Electric models: Stage-Lâg system