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Auditorium Natural

The Lâg T88A is as more than just an auditorium-shaped guitar; it stands as an ode to the evolution of musical craftsmanship. By building upon the illustrious heritage of the T80 Series, Lâg has sculpted an instrument that seamlessly bridges tradition with innovation, excellence with adaptability. With the T88A, the legacy lives on, illuminating the path forward for premium auditorium-shaped guitars.



Solid Engelmann Spruce
Brown Brankowood


Brown BrankoWood
350 mm
Truss Rod
Nbrs of frets
Types of frets
Medium Silver Nickel
Nut Width
43 mm
Scale (mm)
650 mm


Satin black
Original Strings
Bronze 80/20 Light 12-53


Unveil a new realm of musical craftsmanship with the Lâg T88A, an embodiment of artistry that seamlessly carries forward the legacy of its renowned predecessor, the T80 Series. This exceptional auditorium-shaped guitar stands as a testament to Lâg's dedication to innovation and musical excellence, captivating the discerning preferences of modern guitarists while paying homage to the celebrated T80 lineage.

At the core of the T88A lies an unwavering commitment to superior quality and performance. Crafted with meticulous precision, this auditorium-shaped guitar personifies Lâg's pursuit of unparalleled excellence. Drawing upon the storied foundation of the T80 Series, the T88A expands its horizons, positioning itself as a quintessential example within the realm of premium guitar craftsmanship.

Each T88A boasts a meticulously chosen Premium Engelmann Spruce top, meticulously selected for its harmonious blend of visual allure and exceptional acoustic attributes. This careful curation ensures that the guitar resonates with a warm and versatile tonal palette, capable of accommodating a wide spectrum of musical genres and playing styles.

The glossy finish meticulously applied to the T88A serves as both a protective shield for the instrument and a canvas that magnificently showcases the handpicked woods incorporated into its construction. This finish unveils a glimpse into the world of exquisite woodwork, allowing the natural beauty of the materials to shine through with captivating brilliance.

The auditorium-shaped body of the T88A not only pays homage to timeless guitar design but also offers a refined and balanced sound profile. Whether you are a fingerstyle virtuoso, a strumming aficionado, or an artist seeking versatility across various techniques, the Lâg T88A stands as a steadfast companion, adapting to your musical journey with unparalleled grace.