Dreadnought Natural
  • Dreadnought Natural
  • Dreadnought Natural
  • Dreadnought Natural
  • Dreadnought Natural
  • Dreadnought Natural
  • Dreadnought Natural
  • Dreadnought Natural
  • Dreadnought Natural
  • Dreadnought Natural
  • Dreadnought Natural

Dreadnought Natural

Introducing the Lâg T318D dreadnought acoustic guitar, a premium instrument from the celebrated Tramontane collection, designed for serious or professional players who seek the highest quality and performance. Infused with the beauty and philosophy of Southern France, the T318D incorporates premium tonewoods such as Solid AA Engelman Spruce tops and Flamed Ovangkol wood for the back and sides. Crafted to perfection, this guitar offers an elegant and comfortable playing experience that resonates with guitarists worldwide.



Solid Engelmann Spruce
Brown Brankowood


Brown BrankoWood
350 mm
Truss Rod
Nbrs of frets
Types of frets
Medium Silver Nickel
Nut Width
43 mm
Black graphite wedge / 72 mm & 43 mm
Scale (mm)
650 mm


Satin black
Original Strings
Bronze 80/20 Light 12-53


Lâg T318D Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The Lâg T318D dreadnought acoustic guitar is not just an instrument; it's an embodiment of premium quality, designed for those who demand the highest performance. With a glossy finish, die-cast tuners, and a solid top of AA Engelmann spruce hand-selected by Lâg luthiers, it represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship. The Flamed Ovangkol wood for the back and sides is visually striking and adds a unique tonal enhancement to this masterpiece.

The Tramontane Philosophy

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Southern France, the Tramontane series reflects the distinctive French approach to aesthetic beauty without sacrificing tonal performance. Whether a student or a seasoned professional, the Tramontane series offers something for every guitarist. Its popularity as the most beloved Lâg Guitars series testifies to its universal appeal.

Unique Features and Comfort

The iconic Tramontane headstock, mirroring the shape of the bridge, takes inspiration from an 18th-century French chateau fireplace, crafted from BrankoWood. The oval rosette, an industry first, adds a touch of elegance reminiscent of upmarket jewelry. The quarter-round body binding, a throwback to vintage guitars, not only pleases the eye but also provides comfort by softening the edge. The black machine heads evoke baroque instruments, offering a modern twist to the traditional acoustic guitar.

A Legacy of Quality

With premium features like graphite nut & saddle, and consistent high-quality manufacturing, the T318D continues the legacy of the Tramontane series. The quality resonates in the hands, homes, and hearts of thousands of guitarists around the world, making the Tramontane series a part of the Lâg story.