Parlour Acoustic-Electric
  • Parlour Acoustic-Electric
  • Parlour Acoustic-Electric
  • Parlour Acoustic-Electric
  • Parlour Acoustic-Electric
  • Parlour Acoustic-Electric
  • Parlour Acoustic-Electric
  • Parlour Acoustic-Electric
  • Parlour Acoustic-Electric

Parlour Acoustic-Electric

The Lâg Sauvage-PE, a parlour electro acoustic guitar from the Sauvage series, embodies a harmonious blend of aesthetics, quality, and environmental responsibility. Crafted with eco-friendly certified BrankoWood, it features an eco-friendly varnishing process and a design that ensures stability and resistance to climate changes. Its compact parlour shape offers a rich sound that is well-suited for intimate performances, enhanced by the StageLâg preamp system. With its unique visual elements, including the iconic Lâg headstock design, the Sauvage-PE stands out as a symbol of style and musical excellence, complete with a sturdy gig bag for your musical journeys.



Pale Brankowood
Smoked Eucalyptus Rough Sawn Finish
Black Brankowood
Natural wood


Black Brankowood
350 mm
Truss Rod
Nbrs of frets
Types of frets
Medium Silver Nickel
Nut Width
46 mm
Black graphite wedge / 72 mm & 46 mm
Scale (mm)
650 mm


Stage-Lâg (Volume, égaliseur 3-bandes, phase, notch, accordeur)
Original Strings
Bronze 80/20 Light 12-53
Padded cover


The Lâg Sauvage-PE is a parlour electro acoustic guitar that's part of the exquisite Sauvage series. It's a compact yet powerful instrument, crafted with the same commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability that characterizes the Lâg Guitars Sauvage Series. Adorned with eco-friendly BrankoWood and other top-notch materials, it ensures both visual elegance and superior sound.

Eco-Friendly Excellence:

Designed with eco-friendly certified BrankoWood and a unique eco-friendly varnishing process, the Sauvage-PE is a stunning symbol of beauty and environmental consciousness. The tropicalization process of the BrankoWood guarantees a stable wood that's resistant to humidity and temperature changes.

Parlour Shape:

The parlour shape of the Sauvage-PE offers a rich and intimate sound, suitable for fingerstyle playing and solo performance. Its compact size and unique curves make it a versatile and comfortable instrument for any musician.

Sound & Electronics:

Featuring the StageLâg preamp system with controls for Volume, Low, Middle, High, Phase, Notch, and a tuner, the Sauvage-PE provides the player with exceptional sound control. Its rounded back and BrankoWood components enrich the full-bodied tone.

Aesthetic Appeal:

The iconic Lâg headstock design, mirrored on the bridge, and rough sawn look on the back and sides, adds to the visual elegance of the Sauvage-PE. The black machine heads and the solid pale BrankoWood are additional unique touches which set this guitar apart from the crowd.

Sauvage Series Ethos:

The Lâg Sauvage-PE continues the theme of the Sauvage series, reflecting a harmonious blend of style, sustainability, and musical brilliance. It comes with a sturdy gig bag, prepared to accompany you on your musical adventures.