The Lâg Sauvage series is a remarkable line of guitars that represents the rich heritage and innovation that Lâg Guitars is known for. Crafted with eco-friendly certified BrankoWood, these guitars reflect a commitment to artistry, technology, and environmental responsibility.

With a wide array of options, the series includes dreadnought, auditorium, parlour, travel, jumbo, and bass shapes, offering a variety for musicians of different tastes and needs. Whether a steel string or electro-acoustic model, each guitar in the series is designed with a rough sawn look on the back and sides and a rounded back that enhances the sound, giving a unique rugged beauty.

The series also features the sophisticated StageLâg preamp system in several models, enhancing the sound control and amplification, making them suitable for both stage and studio. From left-handed models to unique designs like the jumbo 12-string, the Sauvage series offers versatility and caters to a wide array of musical styles.

Every guitar in the series comes complete with a sturdy gig bag, reflecting Lâg's commitment to quality and style. Iconic design elements, such as the Lâg French Headstock, add a touch of elegance, setting these guitars apart as reliable and stylish musical companions.

Whether seeking the full-bodied tone of a dreadnought or the intimate sound of a parlour guitar, the Sauvage series provides musicians with a unique experience, embracing the craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability that set Lâg Guitars apart. Its environmentally conscious approach, coupled with a distinct style, makes the Sauvage series a symbol of modern musical excellence.

Top : Pale BrankoWood ; satin finish

Back & sides : Smoked eucalyptus, satin, rough sawn finish

Bridge : Black BrankoWood

Neck : Khaya mahogany

Neck finish : Satin

Trussrod : 2-way system

Fingerboard : Black BrankoWood

Headstock : Black BrankoWood ; maple logo inlay