BlueWave 2

While remaining affordable, the BlueWave 2 models are adorned with more luxurious choices like Santos Rosewood for the body, glossy varnish or machine heads design. The BlueWave 2 series will be available in the main favorite Lâg Acoustic Guitars shapes : Dreadnought (and left handed version), Auditorium, Travel and Classical.

Top : Solid Red Cedar, gloss finish

Back & sides : Laminated Santos Rosewood, gloss finish

Bridge : Brown BrankoWood

Neck : Khaya mahogany

Neck finish : Satin

Trussrod : 2-way system

Fingerboard : Brown BrankoWood

Headstock : Brown BrankoWood

Preamp : BlueWave with built-in Reverb & Delay effects & Bluetooth connexion