BlueWave 1

The BlueWave SmartLâg Guitars start with a phenomenal sounding acoustic guitar and supercharge it using Smart technology. The BlueWave preamp gives you the option to add reverb (either room or hall style) and delay effects, or a blend of both effects to your acoustic instrument without the need for any external hardware, cables, or wires. The rechargeable BlueWave system is simple and intuitive to use and has been designed to help inspire your creativity without getting lost in complicated user manuals and guides. Getting started is simple; turn your guitar on, dial in the desired tone on control knobs and start playing. When you’re not playing the guitar yourself you can connect your Bluetooth device and stream music directly to the BlueWave system which turns your guitar into a Bluetooth speaker.

Top : Solid Red Cedar, Black stained satin finish

Back & sides : Laminated Khaya, satin finish

Bridge : Brown BrankoWood

Neck : Khaya mahogany

Neck finish : Satin

Trussrod : 2-way system

Fingerboard : Brown BrankoWood

Headstock : Brown BrankoWood

Preamp : BlueWave with built-in Reverb & Delay effects & Bluetooth