Which strings should I buy for my Lâg guitar ?

Above all, be aware that the choice of strings is a personal matter based on your preferences in terms of feel and tone. Today all LÂG guitars are originally equipped with these strings:

  • All steel strings guitars (Travel size included):
    Plated high-carbon steel plain strings, hexagonal high-carbon steel core, phosphor bronze winding with anti-rust coating. Light 12-52 gauge (012/016/024/032/042/052)

  • All Nylon strings guitars:
    Savarez 510 MRJ Creation Cantiga mixed Tension
    Creation Trebles (New Cristal High E & B strings, Alliance G string) normal tension / Cantiga low, Hard tension

  • 12 strings models (T177J12CE & SAUVAGE-J12CE):
    Plated steel plain strings, steel core, copper alloy winding with anti-rust coating
    Extra-Light 10-47 gauge (010-010/014-014/022-008/030-012/039-018/047-027)

  • Acoustic bass models (T177BCE & SAUVAGE-BCE):
    Hexagonal high-carbon steel core, coated copper alloy winding with anti-rust coating.
    Light 40-95 gauge(040/060/075/095)