Born in the Pacific Islands, the ukulele comes from the evolution of the cavaquinho, a traditional Portuguese instrument popularized in this area in the 19th century.

Features like the reduced size, nylon strings and its specific tuning give it a particular sound which distinguishes it from its plucked strings cousins and makes it an instrument in its own right, much more than the simple toy to which it is, unfortunately, often reduced.

The LÂG range of ukuleles was designed around the symbol of the Polynesian deity of Tiki. Available in different formats (baby soprano, soprano, concert and tenor) with various top woods (mahogany, cedar, spruce), they offer a great choice of sounds and ergonomics..

For fans of these ideal formats for traveling, we have added to the ukuleles a range of 6-strings mini guitars (tuned in A) and mini acoustic basses with polyurethane strings, with formidable amplified sound..

All instruments in the Tiki Uku and Tiki Guitare ranges come with gigbag.

The Tiki

The Tiki Uku emblem was not chosen by chance. In ancient times, the Polynesian Tahu'a sorcerers claimed that their people had been generated by the tiki, creator of the human race, moreover, depository of Mana, this energy which connects living beings to the universe. From then on, the representation of the tiki, a wooden statuette with arms along the body, short legs, a powerful head which seems to defy evil spirits, could only bring its owner protection and benevolence.


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