Josh Rand loves his Lâg Tramontane

Josh Rand loves his Lâg Tramontane

A few days after the release of the album "House of Gold & Bones - Part 1", Josh Rand (Stone Sour) who plays Lâg Tramontane answered our questions.

Lâg: The House Of Gold & Bones – Part 1 came out on 10/22 and Part 2 is coming in the spring/summer of 2013. This a double concept album…what is the concept?

Josh Rand: The concept is really a morality play wrapped in a sci-fi fantasy story. The 'hero' wakes up in this strange world he doesn't understand and we see him make his way through it. But the center of the story is simple: who are you going to be for the rest of your life? Are you going to evolve into the man or woman you've always had the potential to be, or will you stay the same and make the same mistakes as usual? It's about change and decisions.
Lâg: What does it sound like, compared to Audio Secrecy?

Josh Rand: These records are a lot darker and heavier than Audio Secrecy. It's us getting back to our roots.
Lâg: How much time did you spend in the studio?
Josh Rand: We spent three months recording 23 songs. 
Lâg: Which Lâg guitars did you use to record the new album? 

Josh Rand: A TN300A14CE nylon and T300DCE. I just received the custom Tramontane acoustic that Lâg made for me and it rules. I love it!
Lâg: Did you use different tunings other than standard E?

Josh Rand: For this record, there are five different tunings:
1. Eb - everything tuned down one half step.
2. D - everything tuned down one full step.
3. C# - everything tuned down one and a half steps.
4. Drop B - everything tuned down one & half steps, drop low C# string to B.
5. G# - stupid low. Played with baritone guitar.
Lâg: Are there any tours planned to support the release of the new album?

Josh Rand: Yes, we'll be touring until the end of next year all around the world. 
Lâg: I hear there will be a comic book ?

Josh Rand: The comic will be a four-part miniseries that follows the short story written for the albums; a visual representation of the whole thing. It will add another dimension to the overall experience…you can read the story, you can listen to the music and lyrics to essentially get the internal dialogue of the characters, and with the comics, you'll be able to see the world and really put yourself in their shoes. The first issue will come out in April 2013.
Lâg: Sounds awesome!